No clever play on words, THE DARK KNIGHT is simply the best movie of the year. Ledger & Nolan deserve Oscars. Moving, thrilling, scary. Best ever in genre. — Alan Yudman

Bale’s Anton Chigurh voice undermines his performance, but no matter: THE DARK KNIGHT belongs to Heath, who rises far above this somewhat engrossing, if complicated, thriller with muddy audio and an unmemorable score. — Jeff Schultz

Dark Knight is THE batman movie fans have been waiting for! Tim Burton came the closest till now. This one has action, heart, and a very DARK soul. In a word: awesome. — Stormy Curry


MUMMY is a DUDDY! A flat lifeless movie that feels like no one even tried to make it any good! Brendan Fraser did a better job in Encino Man! The charm and wit from the other two mummy movies are extinct in this one-it was so bad I looked for George Lucas in the credits! CURSE shows us how to kill a mummy for good! — Stormy Curry


It’s the suspense, not the gore, that’ll make you almost physically sick. FUNNY GAMES slams your face through the screen, then terrorizes you with silence. This is everything The Strangers wanted to be, a movie to thrill to & hate simultaneously. — Jeff Schultz

The creepiest thing about Funny Games? How preachy it is and how clever it THINKS it is! A smug unimaginative film that gets off on lecturing the audience for watching it and then spins its wheels for 2 hours! Not scary enough to be horror or good enough to be a drama, viewers lose out in these GAMES! The last 15 minutes of The Strangers packed more of a punch without the arrogance. — Stormy Curry