Pacino works a lot harder than De Niro in a movie that’s less-than-RIGHTEOUS but an ok way to KILL a couple hours. The surprise is how few sparks Al and Bobby strike off each other. No ‘Heat’, you might say. — Jeff Schultz

Why are critics so quick to KILL Al and Roberts latest flick? Is RIGHTEOUS a masterpiece? Far from it but it is a good no brainer that doesn’t aspire to be anything more than an entertaining popcorn thriller! Of course the same critics who slammed this flick also raved about Indy 4! If you want entertaining KILL fits the bill. — Stormy Curry


More carnage, death & testosterone than any movie in recent memory, DEATH RACE is no chick flick. RogerCorman=EP. Need I say more? JoanAllen a warden? Puhleez! — Alan Yudman

Death Race puts the CAR in carnage and beats us into a state of numbness! The movie is a blast till the last 20 minutes, thats when this fun no brainer tries to get smart-and fails. Still a cool ride though! — Stormy Curry


Better than last week, but never more than just ok. The Simpson and Palin sketches had premises with potential but slack execution.. Funniest bit of the night: The Looker. Funniest line of the night: ‘Set your phasers to STUNNING!’ Worst moment: Armisen as Dov Charney. — Jeff Schultz

SNL=”So Near Laughter”. A lot of great comedy concepts with lame execution. Sketches don’t end, they just stop. Al Franken co-wrote opening? Stick 2 politics! — Alan Yudman

Funny ideas horrible execution, SNL has become that friend we have all had at one time: he used to be awesome but has become boring over the years-you like him but secretly hope the coolness returns. But he still thinks he’s cool and you laugh at his jokes to be polite! After a while it gets tiresome. May be time to find a new Saturday night buddy! — Stormy Curry


The chickens are coming home to roost on MAD MEN, but they’re making their way in a darkness as black as pitch. This series is increasingly about the women, isn’t it, for whom it offers only hopelessness and despair. — Jeff Schultz

A good episode, not great. I don’t get why Betty believes Jimmy over Don. Loved Joan’s & Peggy’s arcs. Ending was fabulous & left me wanting more MAD MEN! — Alan Yudman

Mrs Draper takes out the “garbage”! A stand up and cheer end to a solid episode! Never judge a book by its cover-It revealed some strong women are not that strong and timid types can stand up and roar! Loved it! What a turnaround this season! — Stormy Curry


SNL comes through — but only in the opening sketch. After Tina’s turn as Palin, the show goes mostly slack and unfunny, with only a few gags on Weekend Update providing any laughs. — Jeff Schultz

SATURDAY NIGHT BLAH! Other than the perfect opening sketch, the whole show was pointless. Why do the keep bringing back that comic sketch on WU?! NEVER FUNNY!! — Alan Yudman

Tina and Amy soar, Phelps drowns, and SNL is DOA as it continues to crash and burn! If laughter is the best medicine, this show cannot get any sicker! — Stormy Curry