Better than last week, but never more than just ok. The Simpson and Palin sketches had premises with potential but slack execution.. Funniest bit of the night: The Looker. Funniest line of the night: ‘Set your phasers to STUNNING!’ Worst moment: Armisen as Dov Charney. — Jeff Schultz

SNL=”So Near Laughter”. A lot of great comedy concepts with lame execution. Sketches don’t end, they just stop. Al Franken co-wrote opening? Stick 2 politics! — Alan Yudman

Funny ideas horrible execution, SNL has become that friend we have all had at one time: he used to be awesome but has become boring over the years-you like him but secretly hope the coolness returns. But he still thinks he’s cool and you laugh at his jokes to be polite! After a while it gets tiresome. May be time to find a new Saturday night buddy! — Stormy Curry

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