What will I do without MAD MEN. Don is back in the game @ work. There’s even hope for the family. The dark days of the Cuban crisis, a perfect backdrop.The BEST — Alan Yudman

This season’s MAD MEN was positively Hobbesian: nasty, brutish, and all too short. Don’s return from a state of nature brings him back to the heart of darkness — and to art direction that perfectly captures the characters’ psychic nausea. I’m sure gonna miss it. — Jeff Schultz

A solid finish to a so-so season, Mad Men finale was good but didnt come close to the genius of season one’s classic end. The last few episodes saved this season. Too many interesting subplots went nowhere fast. Here’s hoping season 3 stays away from soapy storylines & clunky new characters (more Ducks fewer Janes)! Those types of things made me MAD at these MEN this year! — Stormy Curry


Hamm has great comedic chops! Funniest episode in a looooong time-first time in a while that almost every skit worked! This mad man is a great sport-we support Finger in Butts! — Stormy & Jess Curry

Now we know: Jon Hamm can do anything. From Don Draper’s Guide to Dating to his dead-on James Mason impersonation to Jon Hamm’s John Ham, what we saw from him on SNL was charmimg, funny, game, and thoroughly professional. Truly the definition of ‘a class act’. — Jeff Schultz

The best SNL in years! W/out the Palin crutch to lean on, the writers step up. Huge kudos to Jon Hamm who proves his skill in comedy & laughs @ himself! — Alan Yudman


As the 60’s infect all aspects of American life with cultural ferment, MAD MEN appears determined not to itself stagnate. And while it’s too early in the century for gays to come out as Kurt does, the limning of SoCal as lotus land looks and feels right and opens up a whole new world of possibility. — Jeff Schultz

Don’s excellent adventure in California. His choice to experience Joy breaks open a whole new world for Don. Uh, Dick. Uh, Don. And all on MAD MEN will benefit! — Alan Yudman


Better buy an oxygen tank, because your breath is about to be taken away. QUARANTINE stands on the admittedly tall shoulders of Cloverfield, but it also fulfills the promise of Blair Witch and with this one picture thrusts John Erick Dowdle into the top rank of horror directors. Prediction: his still-unreleased Poughkeepsie Tapes will hit the same raw nerve as Funny Games. Just spectacular. — Jeff Schultz


Like a dropped Cheese Whiz canape smearing an immaculate grey flannel suit, this week’s exquisite MAD MEN episode needs to be taken to the cleaners — to remove that god-awful Wise Black Housekeeper scene that belongs in another softer, soapier, sappier, inferior show. — Jeff Schultz

This weeks Mad Men good but not great-the neighbor kid gives me the serious creeps! One question though: How does “Pearl Harbor” wind up on AMC American Movie Classics? That also gave me the creeps! — Stormy Curry

A creepy MAD MEN. The neighbor kid & Betty’s dad groping her, it’s enuf to make your skin crawl. Call this a precursor. Feels like something big is coming soon! — Alan Yudman


FINALLY! Leave it to the South Park guys to center their season premiere around a certain summer movie and the skidmarks behind it! No mercy for Steven, George, or the suckiness of Indy 4! The pair is blasted throughout for what they did to Doctor Jones-nasty mean spirited and right on the money! Their love of the first 3 and hatred for the last is obvious and AWESOME! — Stormy Curry