What will I do without MAD MEN. Don is back in the game @ work. There’s even hope for the family. The dark days of the Cuban crisis, a perfect backdrop.The BEST — Alan Yudman

This season’s MAD MEN was positively Hobbesian: nasty, brutish, and all too short. Don’s return from a state of nature brings him back to the heart of darkness — and to art direction that perfectly captures the characters’ psychic nausea. I’m sure gonna miss it. — Jeff Schultz

A solid finish to a so-so season, Mad Men finale was good but didnt come close to the genius of season one’s classic end. The last few episodes saved this season. Too many interesting subplots went nowhere fast. Here’s hoping season 3 stays away from soapy storylines & clunky new characters (more Ducks fewer Janes)! Those types of things made me MAD at these MEN this year! — Stormy Curry

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