MAD MEN this week perfectly marries the personal and the professional — and the areas where they intersect –while also demonstrating how subtly expressive an actor Jon Hamm can be. His rictus grin may be the most chilling smile in screen history. — Jeff Schultz

Another solid episode this week as these MAD MEN continue to shock and dismay. Freddy passing out at work, Pete ratting out Freddy, Draper going along with pushing him out-no respect for women or loyalty to each other, you could say they’re BAD men! — Stormy Curry

Don Draper is the nuclear option! He blows up his marriage, Roger’s, Jimmy’s nose & allows Freddy to get tossed aside like soiled drawers in a riveting MAD MEN — Alan Yudman


Welcome guest reviewer Jason to “Reviews at 160”

Thankfully, Frances McDormand didn’t BURN this script AFTER READING it because she saves the picture from the other A-listers who try too hard to be “Cohen-y.” It’s a fun little romp down quirky lane with enough legit chuckles & a few forced ones. But Joel & Ethan are a bit out of their element in this white collar setting. They can rest assured that all the information contained in this CIA farce will fly under the radar of academy voters. — Jason Papagan

Those Krazy Koens go all off-Kilter again and much of BURN AFTER READING works though some of it gets too precious. Brad Pitt is no match for the embarassment of good actors in the cast, but he still gets the biggest laughs. Question: has there ever been a warm-blooded human being in a Coen flick? — Jeff Schultz


It’s farce, it’s domestic drama, it’s absurdist, it’s slapstick, it’s got a shocker ending. In short, THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES is a mess, aimless and mystifying. THIS is the play they picked to reopen the Taper?? You’d think tv actress Jane Kaczmarek would know how to dial it down. Instead, she’s mugging for rafters that just don’t exist in the redesigned theatre. — Jeff Schultz


There goes the neighborhood! After spending his last few movies as a walking punchline, Samuel L Jackson is back in Lakeview Terrace! The bad mother f-r returns with soul scorching stares, razor sharp line delivery, and everything else that used to make him great! The movie also keeps it pretty real until the final act, but it’s still an effective thriller that was much better than expected, ESPECIALLY for a PG-13! — Stormy Curry


How many times can Tina Fey come to the show’s rescue? How many times will we tolerate a good opening skit… followed by nothing but mediocrity? Best of the worst: the insulting couple sketch. Worst of the worst: the boat murder ‘musical’. Or was it Anna Faris’ opening? Or Armisen as Obama? Or…..? — Jeff Schultz