Feel the THUNDER! Offensive, un-PC & totally hilarious. Great cameos. Cruise & Downey shine in this vicious satire of the film biz. Don’t miss this (TRO)PIC! — Alan Yudman

After a very funny opening, TROPIC THUNDER hits the skids faster than John Edwards’ political career. Any random 5 minutes of the tv series Action packs more satiric bite than this stale whiffleball. — Jeff Schultz

The THUNDER rolls with laughs thanks to an R rating and some hilarious over the top moments! While not a classic, TROPIC is funnier than anything else thats come out this year. Cast is great, fake trailers are right on and the gags work! Simple Jack would be proud! In the words of Crying Monkey Award winning actor Kirk Lazarus: GET SOME! — Stormy Curry


A little Night of the Living Dead, a little Straw Dogs, a little Evil Dead 2, a little Vacancy — Toby Wilkins’ thriller is a SPLINTER off all those movies and more. Completely derivative but well made, it’s a perfectly decent…rental.– Jeff Schultz

SPLINTER sticks it to viewers with a creepy good premise and acting that sells the movie-this is what makes a horror flick scary NOT excessive FX or CW stars in peril! — Stormy Curry


Zack+Miri=Kevin Smiths worst movie ever! Real PORNO has wittier writing, less predictable stories, and more laughs. Smith tries to combine unfunny gross out scenes with a lame love story and gets a movie that fails on all levels! The only ones screwed in this porno? Anyone who paid to see this mess! All that was missing was a crystal skull and “story by” credit for George Lucas! Smith is better than this. — Stormy Curry


Who gets 21 million dollars to make a movie spun out of an arcane figure of speech? Charlie Kaufman does. His latest puzzler SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK is another onion-layered, art-vs-illusion, reality-vs-metafiction gimmick a la Malkovich, but at the end of the day, who cares? It’s 8 1-2 with a death wish, or a more self-serious STRANGER THAN FICTION. — Jeff Schultz