Feel the THUNDER! Offensive, un-PC & totally hilarious. Great cameos. Cruise & Downey shine in this vicious satire of the film biz. Don’t miss this (TRO)PIC! — Alan Yudman

After a very funny opening, TROPIC THUNDER hits the skids faster than John Edwards’ political career. Any random 5 minutes of the tv series Action packs more satiric bite than this stale whiffleball. — Jeff Schultz

The THUNDER rolls with laughs thanks to an R rating and some hilarious over the top moments! While not a classic, TROPIC is funnier than anything else thats come out this year. Cast is great, fake trailers are right on and the gags work! Simple Jack would be proud! In the words of Crying Monkey Award winning actor Kirk Lazarus: GET SOME! — Stormy Curry

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