The Devil Wears Muslin. While unDOUBTedly, it often feels like a filmed play, with long, talky two-character scenes that could have been tightened up, the central battle between a scenery-chewing Streep and Hoffman is deliciously entertaining in a Prime-Of-Miss-Jean-Brodie way. But director John Shanley doesn't always bring out the humor in the very lines he … Continue reading DOUBT


They could also have called it The Beast With Five Follicles: HAIR EXTENSIONS brings together a mad coroner, an innocent beautician, and a salon where the 'do's are disastrous. More straightforward than most J-horror flicks, the images of cursed tresses taking their revenge are funny and creepy at the same time. Truly, this movie has … Continue reading HAIR EXTENSIONS


Had this version of the children's classic aired that notorious Sunday in 1968, Jets-Raiders fans might not have been so upset. HEIDI 4 PAWS is the familiar story of the Swiss orphan girl -- but performed entirely by costumed dogs! Sweet, surreal, and surprisingly involving, this hourlong PBS kidflick makes anthropomorphism appealing, indeed. -- Jeff … Continue reading HEIDI 4 PAWS