GOOD is just that, good. Viggo Mortenson proves once again he is one of the most under appreciated actors in the biz. His John Halder is equal parts tormented and tormentor. Swept away in Nazi fervor he forgets his family & best friend. He winds up right where you’d think, yet you still feel his pain & sorrow. Alan Yudman


The Devil Wears Muslin. While unDOUBTedly, it often feels like a filmed play, with long, talky two-character scenes that could have been tightened up, the central battle between a scenery-chewing Streep and Hoffman is deliciously entertaining in a Prime-Of-Miss-Jean-Brodie way. But director John Shanley doesn’t always bring out the humor in the very lines he himself wrote. — Jeff Schultz


They could also have called it The Beast With Five Follicles: HAIR EXTENSIONS brings together a mad coroner, an innocent beautician, and a salon where the ‘do’s are disastrous. More straightforward than most J-horror flicks, the images of cursed tresses taking their revenge are funny and creepy at the same time. Truly, this movie has a stranglehold on beauty. Jeff Schultz


Had this version of the children’s classic aired that notorious Sunday in 1968, Jets-Raiders fans might not have been so upset. HEIDI 4 PAWS is the familiar story of the Swiss orphan girl — but performed entirely by costumed dogs! Sweet, surreal, and surprisingly involving, this hourlong PBS kidflick makes anthropomorphism appealing, indeed. — Jeff Schultz


Jason Statham is the last action hero! His latest beat em up flick TRANSPORTS you to a world where the hero uses his coat & tie to take out a bunch of baddies or drives his car onto then INTO a moving train! This third installment knowingly goes full retard and takes anyone willing along for the ride! Check your brain at the door and buckle up! — Stormy Curry

3 is a definite charm in the latest TRANSPORTER. Jason Statham is at his dour best in this worthy sequel. Great action sequences and the coolest way ever to catch a train. One complaint. Can they please cast a Ukranian actress who can speak passable english? — Alan Yudman