How to review BATTLESTAR GALACTICA without giving anything away? Amazing reveals. Epic meltdowns. New questions posed. Unbelievable sadness. The first of the final episodes is frakin’ great. And who knew the final Cylon is…. watch it yourself!! — Alan Yudman

Note to sci-fi snobs: don’t be put off by a show with spaceships, robots, and alien planets. I was and am glad I gave this show a chance. I was floored by how good the first episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was & am Amazed that this latest season premiere is just as good if not better! The top notch writing, directing, and acting makes you realize this isn’t a campy Star Trek type of show. It is deep, thought provoking material that mirrors our now scary and uncertain world. Nine more to go, frakkin’ fantastic! — Stormy Curry

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