MILLIONAIRE isn't a turkey but it also shouldn't be oscar's top DOG. A gritty, original indie film turns into a typical Hollywood final act that is both eye rollingly lame where characters suddenly change just for the sake of an audience pleasing ending. A good rental but hardly worthy of the hype. Bow with no … Continue reading SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE


There's a straight line from John Hughes' best teen flicks to NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST, a midsummer night's dream of a movie graced with an inclusive sweetness. Michael Cera remains the master of unaffected, uninflected riffs, and Kat Denning pulls off lovable-edgy without Ellen Page's over-obviousness. Plus, NICK is gay-friendly in a fresh, offhand, … Continue reading NICK & NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST


Excuse me, but aren't horror movies supposed to be...horrifying? There are plenty of killings in Marcus Nispel's FRIDAY THE 13th remake, but all of the victims seem to die in the same unimaginative way, as though a checklist were being marked off. And there's little of the surrounding creepiness that made Nispel's Chainsaw remake so … Continue reading FRIDAY THE 13TH


Is there anything sadder than carrying fond memories of a movie for 35 years -- then finally seeing it again and realizing it's crap? THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE is nothing more than a workaday nature documentary about insects of the kind that shows up regularly on cable, but tricked out with a hilariously pretentious framing device … Continue reading THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE