Mickey Rourke gives us blood, sweat, tears, and more blood as an on the ropes WRESTLER. The movie is very good but Rourke is the main event! His Randy the Ram is a master in the ring and a mess outside of it yet you root for him just the same. Mickey is incredible and is the heart of the movie. An extra bonus? The totally awesome soundtrack with all 80’s heavy metal! Aronofsky, you had me not at hello, but at Bang Your Head in the opening credits! == Stormy Curry

Wrestling with THE WRESTLER. A touching story of a man who lives in the past & can’t move on. Rourke is very good as “The Ram”, but isn’t he just playing himself? The movie is touching & sad, without much hope. The soundtrack takes you back to the ’80’s. The only place The Ram is truly himself. — Alan Yudman

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