This is why I LOVE YOU, MAN: because you were smart enough to cast Jason Segal as an Everyman schlub, not a romantic lead, once and for all forgetting Sarah Marshall. Segal's chemistry with Paul Rudd is so effortless and lifelike, you almost forget you're watching a comedy — until you realize you've been laughing from first frame to last. The 'conflict' is thinner than a Darfur refugee and the resolution laughably neat, but who cares? — Jeff Schultz

A comedy that delivers is why I like I Love You…Man is it funny! Paul Rudd and Jason Segel shine in a movie that keeps it real and really funny. Nice to see a comedy that doesn’t feel the need to turn into an afterschool special. Any movie that has the Hulk in a supporting part gets my stamp of approval. — Stormy Curry

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