It's not full blown horror. It's not a comedy. It's a Sam Raimi movie. Insane. Hysterical. Out there. DRAG ME TO HELL sets the tone early with the old school universal logo, the title in BIG BOLD LETTERS, and the over the top violin/fingernails on blackboard score. Genius in it's simplicity, this is one movie that has so many “boo” moments and gross out laughs, by the end you feel like you've just gotten off a roller coaster. Damn Sam, you are good. Hell is heavenly goodness. — Stormy Curry

It's a comedy, not a horror movie, without a scare in it because the mayhem is so cartoonish. That's both the strength and weakness of DRAG ME TO HELL. Set pieces like the electrifyingly-scored pre-credits sequence, the tooth-loosening fight in the car, and the anvil-on-the-head battle are great, but there aren't enough of them. And comedy though it be, Raimi takes his material too seriously during the draggy parts, as though he doesn't realize it's pure hokum. — Jeff Schultz

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Who knew KNOWING would be as good as it was? A movie that aims higher than most sci-fi, this one heads down a dark road and doesn't stop. Great story, spooky moments, and fantastic acting by Nic Cage and company make this a must see. It sticks with you long after the credits roll. Creepy good. — Stormy Curry
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Hank Azaria and Jonah Hill are a scream, Amy Adams is annoying, and Bill Hader continues to impress as a reliable comic sidebar in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Battle of the Smithsonian, a standard issue, factory made throwaway starring a charmless Ben Stiller. A few decent laughs, including a clever Jeff Koons sight gag, but bottom line: it's trash. — Jeff Schultz
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No butt goes unkicked in TAKEN, a tense, exciting well acted thriller that delivers! Liam goes all DARKMAN on the bad guys in a movie that's good as the trailer. — Stormy Curry

I was taken with TAKEN! It’s a lesson to studio execs. Don’t tinker and focus group a movie until it appeals to no one. TAKEN is an unapologetic action thriller. The bodies stack up as Neeson gets closer to his daughter. He brings gravity to a movie that could become ridiculous, but stays focused & pays off! — Alan Yudman

Call the cops! I just got TAKEN! I was expecting a crackerjack action B picture that would take me on a thrill ride of mindless, revenge-fueled violence. But the fight and chase sequences are uninspired, and the movie suffers greatly by lacking a single interesting performance. Even the villians are boring. — Jeff Schultz


Wanna know WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I watched a criminally underrated Hollywood satire so spot-on clever and so well played, you’ll feel you died and went to backlot & boardroom heaven. Here’s my highest praise: I've never enjoyed a Robert De Niro performance more. — Jeff Schultz

eards, dead dogs, and Sean Penn. Just a few of the things that has us laughing at WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Entourage meets the short lived comedy Action in this Hit or miss comedy that mostly hits the mark. Special kudos to Bruce Willis for playing himself as a complete tool. So good we wonder was he acting? Fun flick! — Stormy Curry


Imagine John Ford's classic western The Searchers — with monsters! That's THE BURROWERS in a nutshell, and it's not as nutty as it sounds. While it fails to deliver, its an honest effort hampered perhaps by a low budget that may explain why so much of the action takes place at night in exceedingly dim light. Cruise kin William Mapother isn't up to the lead role — but then most of the acting is pretty dreadful. An interesting failure. — Jeff Schultz
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Big stars, big budget, big themes — but it all seems so very small screen. STATE OF PLAY has feet of clay. It wants to be a sweeping journo-political thriller — All The President's Men meet Michael Clayton. Instead, it's as pat and unnuanced as most television drama — making it no surprise that it was adapted from a BBC series. — Jeff Schultz

A lot of acting talent in a movie that’s in a STATE OF PLAY-doh. Story in interesting enough. If it stuck to the corruption theme without taking the easy sex & scandal route it might of been more interesting/risk taking. The movie doesn’t know which “big” theme it wants to tackle & as a result plays it too safe. — Alan Yudman


Even the great Richard Jenkins has to pay the rent, but geez, is a frisson-free, unthrilling thriller like THE BROKEN the best of what he gets offered? This doppelganger drama is as vaguely explained as a Japanese horror flick: if you can make sense of the ending, please text me back. For this kind of story you're far better off renting Mirrors. — Jeff Schultz
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Mike Tyson has issues…that's a given. But in TYSON we get insight into why he is the way he is. A simple documentary that just let's the man talk…about his career, life, and relationships. Amazing footage of the man in and out of the ring works…him walking on the beach not so much. Iron Mike never makes excuses for his behavior, in fact he takes responsibility. A fascinating movie about a flawed man.– Stormy Curry
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