It's not full blown horror. It's not a comedy. It's a Sam Raimi movie. Insane. Hysterical. Out there. DRAG ME TO HELL sets the tone early with the old school universal logo, the title in BIG BOLD LETTERS, and the over the top violin/fingernails on blackboard score. Genius in it's simplicity, this is one movie that has so many “boo” moments and gross out laughs, by the end you feel like you've just gotten off a roller coaster. Damn Sam, you are good. Hell is heavenly goodness. — Stormy Curry

It's a comedy, not a horror movie, without a scare in it because the mayhem is so cartoonish. That's both the strength and weakness of DRAG ME TO HELL. Set pieces like the electrifyingly-scored pre-credits sequence, the tooth-loosening fight in the car, and the anvil-on-the-head battle are great, but there aren't enough of them. And comedy though it be, Raimi takes his material too seriously during the draggy parts, as though he doesn't realize it's pure hokum. — Jeff Schultz

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