STAR TREK will live long & prosper in the hands of J.J. Abrams. Faithful 2 the original, but this one carves its own path. The young actors are up to the task of filling these legendary roles. The nods to the original get a bit precious @ times, but don't spoil the enjoyment. Great visuals & Alexander Courage's iconic score top off a movie that defines blockbuster. Beam me to a theater so I can see it again! — Alan Yudman

Not just spectacular, STARTREKular! His latest splash of genius confirms J.J. Abrams as the kinetic heir to Spielberg: who besides they can move the camera around as though it were attached to a jetpack? Dizzyingly entertaining not only for its pyrotechnics, but equally for the enormously likeable leads, Quinto and Pine. And yes, Simon Pegg steals all his scenes. A complete success. — Jeff Schultz


Ronald Moore does it again. CAPRICA is a true prequel to BSG. Madness born of tragedy. Desperation & despair. Spiritual themes. The beginning of a new race called Cylons. Terrifically talented cast. Great score by Bear McCreary. Gives you just enough to want to come back for much more. Can't wait for the series! — Alan Yudman

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and that sums up CAPRICA. This Galactica prequel plants the seeds of what’s to come…and it works. The difference between this prequel and a Lucas one is that there are fewer f/x, more character development, and respect for the audience. So far, so good. — Stormy Curry


Thought the ROAD would be a dead end but it wound up being a highway to one of the years best! Kate & Leo shine as their marriage hits an iceberg and they both sink and Leo has never been better. The fact that this was also ignored by oscar shows academy members have their heads up jammed up their Benjamin Buttons! One more reason not to watch this year. — Stormy Curry

Travel down this ROAD & you find something REVOLUTIONARY. It's about suburbia, but not what you'd think. Kate Winslet is excellent as a tortured housewife. But the source of her mania is internal. The suburbs seem normal under Mendes' capable eye. Di Caprio is becoming one of our best actors. Shannon is creepy good. Th is the ROAD to film making excellence. — Alan Yudman
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Painfully slow, endlessly talky, pretentiously full of itself for thinking it’s dealing with Big Themes when all it is is dime store angst, plus further proof that Leo DiCaprio still can’t play an adult convincingly, there’s nothing REVOLUTIONARY about this ROAD. Nothing. — Jeff Schultz


In anticipation of the remake, a re-viewing of THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE original from 1974 reveals a solid cast in a movie that too often trades suspense for cheap laughs. Think Judd Hirsch in Independence Day and you'll get the idea. This Joseph Sargent thriller also overstays its welcome tying up a loose end long after the 'real' ending has played out. It's entertaining enough, but I can't wait to see what Tony Scott does with it. — Jeff Schultz

Classic ’70’s caper mixed with humor you can only find in NY, THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE holds up after all these years. Walter is in full Mathau mode! — Alan Yudman


Wolverine may not be Dark Knight quality but it's not as bad as critics are saying. Although it may enrage comic book purists, a rookie like me enjoyed seeing The ORIGINS of this X-Man. Jackman is good as usual but it's Liev as Sabretooth who has a howling good time and steals every scene he's in. Summer is here. — Stormy Curry
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