What is it with the French? Why must they lard their torture-splatter flicks with 'meaning'. FRONTIER(S) is not just a head-exploding, disembowling, blood-vomiting, human flesh-eating, tendon-severing, buzzsaw-killing Grand Guignol — it's also a political allegory! Good gore, but good grief. — Jeff Schultz
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Woody Allen has been looking unsuccessfully for WHATEVER WORKS so long, it seemed like he might never find it again. Good news: he has. By casting an actress of such captivating radiance as Evan Rachel Wood, Allen had to find an outsize comic foil strong enough to keep up with her — and Larry David fills the bill. Yes, this is material Woody's done 50 times before… yes, it's pretentious… and yes, the feel-good ending is preposterously pat and contrived, but what can I say, it works. — Jeff Schultz
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What's THE cure for this HANGOVER? Don't see it! A forced, exhausting knockoff of Very Bad Things — call it Very Bad Movie — it's repetitiously vulgar, indifferently acted, ineptly scored, and deeply, deeply unfunny. It's difficult to decide which is more obnoxious: Zach Galifianakis' character or his performance. And a p.s. to the filmmakers: baby abuse and animal abuse are NOT funny, you pathetic assholes. — Jeff Schultz

THE HANGOVER is totally Old School outrageous comedy. Maybe because Todd Phillips directed both. “R” for a reason, no punches are pulled & there are a lot of them thrown. The jokes hit the audience like a Mike Tyson right. Though some are tasteless, they usually connect. And the most offensive closing credits ever! — Alan Yudman

HE HANGOVER is very wrong…yet very funny. It takes full advantage of the R rating and throws out some very silly stuff. Have we seen it all before? Yes but we were chuckling from start to finish. Totally stupid and random, totally entertaining. — Stormy Curry


Sam Rockwell's triumph in Moon compels a revisiting of the movie that put him on the map. And that begs the question: why didn't CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND make him a star? Apart from Rockwell's uncanny impersonation of Chuck Barris, he well plays both funny and tortured — at times simultaneously — in George Clooney's stylish Shaggy Dog story. This is an actor who should go all the way. — Jeff Schultz
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Note-perfect in every way, THE PROPOSAL is a flawless comedy that sparkles and delights due mostly to the rapturously funny chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock, who, despite their age difference, can claim a place at the Great Movie Couples table alongside Tracy and Hepburn. A sharp, economical screenplay and a fine supporting cast help make this the romantic comedy to beat in 2009. — Jeff Schultz

This PROPOSAL isn’t indecent, it’s hysterical. Excellent chemistry between Bullock & Reynolds. A modern take on Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies. And how many hilarious ways can you call someone a bitch! A total winner! — Alan Yudman


Never in my wildest nightmares did I think Jason would not be scary. Impossible you say? Then check out the new Friday the 13th. Apparently a franchise “reboot” means throwing out everything that worked in the series (suspense, scary music, creative kills) and coast on nothing more than a CW cast and a hockey mask. Michael Bay's production has also “rebooted” The Hitcher, Amityville Horror, and the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy, like Jason, will be Bay's next victim. Stop slaughtering our horror classics! — Stormy Curry
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Halfway through the movie, I began wondering if YEAR ONE was the running time. A better concept as a pitch, no doubt, it ends up with too many wan, predictable jokes made by a largely joyless cast. Nobody seems to be having any fun. Plus, Black and Cera are not equals: it's mostly Jack's movie, so keep that in mind if you're not a fan. — Jeff Schultz
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What's the Swedish word for Twilight? Puppy love meets the vampire flick in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, but with the bleak, ultra-serious look and manner of a Scandinavian art film. Highlighted by two remarkable performances from 12-year-old actors, it touches on all the familiar elements of the Undead story and has a healthy amount of gore. It's not as cheesy as a Dracula movie — but not as much fun either. — Jeff Schultz
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Nothing works in VALKYRIE. From the American accent Tom Cruise uses to the wasted cast, this snoozer of a thriller is not thrilling, dramatic, or exciting. f it had been twice as long and recast, it may have been good. If this bomb was used on Hitler, he WOULD have been killed. Watch the History Channel instead. — Stormy Curry
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