What is it with the French? Why must they lard their torture-splatter flicks with 'meaning'. FRONTIER(S) is not just a head-exploding, disembowling, blood-vomiting, human flesh-eating, tendon-severing, buzzsaw-killing Grand Guignol -- it's also a political allegory! Good gore, but good grief. -- Jeff Schultz Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


What's THE cure for this HANGOVER? Don't see it! A forced, exhausting knockoff of Very Bad Things -- call it Very Bad Movie -- it's repetitiously vulgar, indifferently acted, ineptly scored, and deeply, deeply unfunny. It's difficult to decide which is more obnoxious: Zach Galifianakis' character or his performance. And a p.s. to the filmmakers: … Continue reading THE HANGOVER


Sam Rockwell's triumph in Moon compels a revisiting of the movie that put him on the map. And that begs the question: why didn't CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND make him a star? Apart from Rockwell's uncanny impersonation of Chuck Barris, he well plays both funny and tortured -- at times simultaneously -- in George … Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND


Note-perfect in every way, THE PROPOSAL is a flawless comedy that sparkles and delights due mostly to the rapturously funny chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock, who, despite their age difference, can claim a place at the Great Movie Couples table alongside Tracy and Hepburn. A sharp, economical screenplay and a fine supporting cast help make … Continue reading THE PROPOSAL


Never in my wildest nightmares did I think Jason would not be scary. Impossible you say? Then check out the new Friday the 13th. Apparently a franchise "reboot" means throwing out everything that worked in the series (suspense, scary music, creative kills) and coast on nothing more than a CW cast and a hockey mask. … Continue reading FRIDAY THE 13TH


What's the Swedish word for Twilight? Puppy love meets the vampire flick in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, but with the bleak, ultra-serious look and manner of a Scandinavian art film. Highlighted by two remarkable performances from 12-year-old actors, it touches on all the familiar elements of the Undead story and has a healthy amount … Continue reading LET THE RIGHT ONE IN