What's THE cure for this HANGOVER? Don't see it! A forced, exhausting knockoff of Very Bad Things — call it Very Bad Movie — it's repetitiously vulgar, indifferently acted, ineptly scored, and deeply, deeply unfunny. It's difficult to decide which is more obnoxious: Zach Galifianakis' character or his performance. And a p.s. to the filmmakers: baby abuse and animal abuse are NOT funny, you pathetic assholes. — Jeff Schultz

THE HANGOVER is totally Old School outrageous comedy. Maybe because Todd Phillips directed both. “R” for a reason, no punches are pulled & there are a lot of them thrown. The jokes hit the audience like a Mike Tyson right. Though some are tasteless, they usually connect. And the most offensive closing credits ever! — Alan Yudman

HE HANGOVER is very wrong…yet very funny. It takes full advantage of the R rating and throws out some very silly stuff. Have we seen it all before? Yes but we were chuckling from start to finish. Totally stupid and random, totally entertaining. — Stormy Curry

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