HORSEMEN is horseshit. This loser starts out as an unsettling Se7en-type serial killer mystery, then tantalizingly ramps up the suspense by taking what seems to be a literally Apocalyptic turn, only to reveal itself as...a freakin' WEEPER. It ends up coming off as pure marketing aimed at teenagers going through their sullen phase, badly acted … Continue reading HORSEMEN


The problem with THE MESSENGERS is that there are too many messages. Is it a sullen teenager my-parents-don't-understand-me drama? A psycho killer thriller? Or a ghost-filled haunted house flick? In fact it's an uneasy mix of all three, none of which is done particularly well. Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller and Kristen Stewart -- what … Continue reading THE MESSENGERS


A haunted house movie should not be bloodless. While THE ABANDONED is an earnest effort, it's such an ultra-serious gloomfest, there's little room left for scares or fun.Director Nacho Cerda made his reputation with the horrifyingly graphic short, Aftermath. Here, he relies mostly on atmosphere and mood in a story that's a bit like The … Continue reading THE ABANDONED