I spent last NIGHT WATCHing this amazingly well done Russian action-thriller from the director of Wanted. A story of light & dark Others whose truce keeps the World from being destroyed. But the truce is on shaky ground. Acting is fairly good, the writing is a little stilted, but that could be just the translation. But the set pieces & cinematography propel the movie. Worth a rental. — Alan Yudman


Michael and Michael have a funny show. The behind the scenes stuff is great but a couple of the”show” bits fell flat and took us out of it. STELLA was classic And it's tough to follow up perfection. But these guys are great and not afraid to make themselves the punchline. It's got potential…F-N-C nazi unicorn! –Stormy Curry

Thank goodness MICHAEL & MICHAEL HAVE ISSUES. They're what fuel a new hybrid comedy show that is equal parts satire (sodomizing the concept of teen virginity, turning taboo words into something cuddly) and faux behind-the-scenes showbiz hell: abusive treatment of an intern has never been funnier. Here's hoping it'll be a long time before these issues are laid to rest. — Jeff Schultz

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The trailer made me want to BOLT from the theatre. But — happy, happy surprise! — this Disney animated feature has it all: lots of laughs, exciting action, lovely Americana visuals, and a sweet message delivered by a smashing cast, especially Susie Essman and Greg Germann. The plot is sort of the flip side of My Name Is Bruce with a little Teacher's Pet thrown in. It's clever, and it has great heart. I absolutely loved this movie! — Jeff Schultz
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The new DVD of Woodstock captures everything the original academy award winning documentary does, but with enhanced picture and sound. This “director's cut leaves the viewer asking “why”? The added scenes are not cut into the original movie, but included in a separate DVD. While seeing the likes of The Who, Creedence, and The Grateful Dead is amazing, it's simply a concert DVD, and doesn't add to the movie at all. — Alan Yudman


A B-movie satire of B-movies starring a B-movie A-lister as a D-list celebrity, this self-referential sendup has so many sharp, funny one-liners in the first half, I regretted not being familiar with all the flicks it lampoons. If the silly plot of MY NAME IS BRUCE begins to take over toward the end, well, it's a minor detraction from this must-see cult romp. — Jeff Schultz
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Bruce is the boss! Not Springsteen, Campbell! My Name is Bruce is one of the best bad movies ever! It is one long joke that you either get or you don’t-I did and was entertained big time! And he was also hilarious at the Q&A after! Hope there is a My Name Is STILL Bruce coming soon! — Stormy Curry


I didn't remember much from my first viewing of LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD, which is pretty funny when you consider what the movie's about. Only just now released on Criterion DVD, this iconic French art film may be among the most argued-over of all time. It's about three parts fascinating, hypnotic mind-game — and two parts WTF pretention. Undeniably gorgeous to look at, you don't know whether to throw up your hands or redouble your effort to understand it. Made in a time when films had people talking about the ideas they contained, not their effects. — Jeff Schultz
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It's a little bit Laugh-In, a little bit Monkees, a little bit Attention Deficit Disorder — and, in its very best sequences, it approaches the absurdist wonder of a Bruce Connor film. Like The Onion Movie, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! THE MOVIE began as a website. This machine-gun-fire mash-up of thousands of clips, mostly infomercials and videos of baffling origin, is a 50-minute amusement park ride, silly popcorn fun that leaves you wanting more. — Jeff Schultz
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The audio is muddy, the look is murky, the story drags, the characters are undifferentiated, the dialog wooden, the shootouts confusing and endless, and endlessly uninvolving. Christian Bale continues to bore, and a personality-free Johnny Depp brings nothing new to a role that's been done before, and done better. The real PUBLIC ENEMIES are the filmmakers. Less than an hour in, I was hoping FBI agents would come and shoot ME in the theatre. — Jeff Schultz
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Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can literally infect you — if you live in PONTYPOOL, a creepy, brainy Canadian zombie thriller that calls to mind a number of other movies — The Fog, Quarantine, Miracle Mile, even Talk Radio — but is ultimately like nothing you've ever seen before. Stephen McHattie is astounding in the lead as a Don Imus-style shock jock caught up in a situation that hurtles past shocking and into the realm of the incomprehensible. See this! — Jeff Schultz

An original take on a played out genre, I had mixed feelings about PONTYPOOL. From the acting to the writing this one is top notch. The only thing I had a bit Of trouble buying was the cause of the chaos. Kudos for the clever twist but I didn't quite go with it. That being said I still enjoyed this well done thriller. — Stormy Curry