Looking for glossy-but-formula Hollywood product that evaporates even before you leave the theatre? It's yours for THE TAKING…OF PELHAM 1 2 3. This new version of the middling 70's thriller gets a jolt of Tony Scott's adrenaline, a fine performance by Denzel, and psycho Travolta in Broken Arrow mode — but the screeching-for-the-sake-of-noise car race, the eye-rolling 'soft' moments and the uninspired wrapup leave you wondering if it was worth remaking at all. — Jeff Schultz

If you want a good summer action movie then hop aboard THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3. There’s nothing special here. Just a great story done fairly well. Tony Scott falls in love with distracting cinematography. But it is missing the NY attitude of the original. Just having a cast full of NY accents doesn’t do it. Travolta is over the top, but lacks Robert Shaw’s quiet menace. Pelham is simply good, just not memorable. — Alan Yudman

Pelham takes us on a wild ride that has many great moments. The back and forth between Denzel and Travolta had shades of Washington’s Crimson Tide…with great acting between the two
The movie derails a bit in the final act…but not to the point of disaster. Forgive plotholes and unbelievable coincidences and just enjoy the ride. Visually awesome too! — Stormy Curry


TAKING WOODSTOCK is like a pleasant buzz from good weed. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel calm. It's not a powerful high, but one you'll remember long after its worn off. Martin, Stanton & Schreiber shine among a cast that is off the charts great. Funny, sweet & touching without being saccharine. Lee uses the same technique used in the doc. to tell part of the concert story, but it feels forced & out of place. But that's minor. Overall a very good film. — Alan Yudman
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I expected the dark flip side of Close Encounters — and got Rambo instead. The noisy, leaden DISTRICT 9 owes more to Michael Bay than to its real producer Peter Jackson, right down to the Transformers-style finale, by which time I'd lost interest. Screaming action and frenetic editing don't energize the sluggish pace. And there's even a note of E.T.-ish preciousness that seems out of place. — Jeff Schultz
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DISTRICT 9 isn’t your average summer sci-fi movie. It is more a drama. A story about a man who grows from mouse to hero. A story about understanding prejudice Through experience. The movie tells those stories through the vehicle of sci-fi and it is a wild wonderful ride. The effects aide the storytelling, instead of Overwhelming it (you listening Mr. Lucas?). But if you want blood, bullets and mayhem, there’s that too. A truly great movie. — Alan Yudman

A smart movie without being preachy. A full blown action flick that doesn’t become stupid. District 9 is one of the year’s best. Gives you something to think about and keeps you entertained the whole time. And the final scene sticks with you long after the credits end. — Stormy Curry


Imagine if you could gather three people who are legends, the best at what they do, and listened in on their conversation. You'd gain remarkable insight. That Is exactly what you get in IT MIGHT GET LOUD. Jimmy Page, The Edge & Jack White talk about their passion for the guitar & music. Any fan will love this. Any Artist will admire them. If you love music, especially Led Zepplin, U2 or The White Stripes, this is a must see! — Alan Yudman
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Rejoice! Celebrate! Laugh your ass off! If you want to be IN THE LOOP, see this brilliant political satire asap. Screamingly funny for almost every one of its 107 minutes, this lampoon of the run-up to the Iraq war has a dream cast that includes the performance of David Rasche's career, a scary-hilarious Peter Capaldi, and newcomer Zach Woods as a weaselly bully. It's The Office without the cringe factor, less smug and preposterous than Wag The Dog — and what makes it all so bittersweet is that so much of it is true. — Jeff Schultz

In The Loop is one of the funniest movies of the year. Machine gun delivery of a sharp witty script keeps this one moving so fast it warrants a second viewing. If only all comedies were this good. Not one complaint. Get in the loop and check it out! — Stormy Curry

Hysterically funny and cutting close to the bone, IN THE LOOP is.decent political satire. But, it left me feeling unsatisfied. It didn't make me think, like Wag the Dog. It seemed so utterly implausible that it had no meaning. In the end, isn’t that what this genre is supposed to do, use satire to make a point? These people are such buffoons you wonder how they ever got to where they are. But that buffoonery makes for lots of laugh out loud moments. — Alan Yudman


At one point in the opener to MAD MEN: SEASON 3, Don Draper uses an advertising campaign as a metaphor to warn Salvatore about his personal life. The writing is as brilliant and effective as that earlier Mad Men high point, the Kodak Carousel pitch — proof that this show is still firing (and the firings really hit home, didn't they?) on all cylinders. — Jeff Schultz

Like an old song on the radio, Mad Men stirs your memory with its familiar tone and consistent brilliance. The opener to Season 3 is a perfect example. The characters are different, yet familiar. Advanced in time, but true to themselves and the story. The moment that made his one special was the final scene. The Look on Don's face as he tried to tell Sally the story of her birth. A mix of pain and guilt that was paralyzing. A wonderful start. Welcome back old friend. — Alan Yudman
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What a fantastic premiere! Gone are the soapy subplots…Mad Men is back to what it does best: the brutal reality of the business world and strong characters with very real lives and real flaws. In a summer of reality crap and game shows, these Men are a breath of fresh air! — Stormy Curry


COLD SOULS will fly under the radar, but is worth some critical heat . Some truly hilarious scenes. It also makes you think about the true nature of a soul. Giamatti is one great actor Strathairn is solid as kind of a mad professor. The Russian cast is very good. Sophie Barthes shows true potential as a writer and Director. But one piece of advice: The hackneyed jokes about New Jersey are shop worn & work better coming from Woody Allen, who is the movie's inspiration. — Alan Yudman
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Sometimes you find yourself enjoying a movie even though you KNOW you shouldn't! That's what happened with Nobel Son, a twisty thriller-mystery-comedy that Hits “ludicrous speed” about halfway through…but is really fun! Alan Rickman sets the tone playing a total ass and the rest of the cast follow. If you accept The twists as being believable in the movie world, you will enjoy the ride. An under the radar treat. — Stormy Curry
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A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire share an apartment in the UK. No, not a setup to a joke, the premise of the new BBC series BEING HUMAN. A surprisingly well Done series that is in one word great. BBC has once again taken a risky idea and given it a chance and the results are fantastic. Anyone assuming it's a monster Spookfest would be wrong. It's like not watching Battlestar because it's “sci-fi”. Dramatic, original, and moving with a supernatural element, so far: awesome. — Stormy Curry
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