Rejoice! Celebrate! Laugh your ass off! If you want to be IN THE LOOP, see this brilliant political satire asap. Screamingly funny for almost every one of its 107 minutes, this lampoon of the run-up to the Iraq war has a dream cast that includes the performance of David Rasche's career, a scary-hilarious Peter Capaldi, and newcomer Zach Woods as a weaselly bully. It's The Office without the cringe factor, less smug and preposterous than Wag The Dog — and what makes it all so bittersweet is that so much of it is true. — Jeff Schultz

In The Loop is one of the funniest movies of the year. Machine gun delivery of a sharp witty script keeps this one moving so fast it warrants a second viewing. If only all comedies were this good. Not one complaint. Get in the loop and check it out! — Stormy Curry

Hysterically funny and cutting close to the bone, IN THE LOOP is.decent political satire. But, it left me feeling unsatisfied. It didn't make me think, like Wag the Dog. It seemed so utterly implausible that it had no meaning. In the end, isn’t that what this genre is supposed to do, use satire to make a point? These people are such buffoons you wonder how they ever got to where they are. But that buffoonery makes for lots of laugh out loud moments. — Alan Yudman

One thought on “IN THE LOOP

  1. Just saw this with Hunter yesterday… RIGHT AFTER I bought a ticket to DC to scope out living there. Waaaaaaaaah!

    Meanwhile, hilarious!



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