I expected the dark flip side of Close Encounters — and got Rambo instead. The noisy, leaden DISTRICT 9 owes more to Michael Bay than to its real producer Peter Jackson, right down to the Transformers-style finale, by which time I'd lost interest. Screaming action and frenetic editing don't energize the sluggish pace. And there's even a note of E.T.-ish preciousness that seems out of place. — Jeff Schultz
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DISTRICT 9 isn’t your average summer sci-fi movie. It is more a drama. A story about a man who grows from mouse to hero. A story about understanding prejudice Through experience. The movie tells those stories through the vehicle of sci-fi and it is a wild wonderful ride. The effects aide the storytelling, instead of Overwhelming it (you listening Mr. Lucas?). But if you want blood, bullets and mayhem, there’s that too. A truly great movie. — Alan Yudman

A smart movie without being preachy. A full blown action flick that doesn’t become stupid. District 9 is one of the year’s best. Gives you something to think about and keeps you entertained the whole time. And the final scene sticks with you long after the credits end. — Stormy Curry

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