Looking for glossy-but-formula Hollywood product that evaporates even before you leave the theatre? It's yours for THE TAKING…OF PELHAM 1 2 3. This new version of the middling 70's thriller gets a jolt of Tony Scott's adrenaline, a fine performance by Denzel, and psycho Travolta in Broken Arrow mode — but the screeching-for-the-sake-of-noise car race, the eye-rolling 'soft' moments and the uninspired wrapup leave you wondering if it was worth remaking at all. — Jeff Schultz

If you want a good summer action movie then hop aboard THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3. There’s nothing special here. Just a great story done fairly well. Tony Scott falls in love with distracting cinematography. But it is missing the NY attitude of the original. Just having a cast full of NY accents doesn’t do it. Travolta is over the top, but lacks Robert Shaw’s quiet menace. Pelham is simply good, just not memorable. — Alan Yudman

Pelham takes us on a wild ride that has many great moments. The back and forth between Denzel and Travolta had shades of Washington’s Crimson Tide…with great acting between the two
The movie derails a bit in the final act…but not to the point of disaster. Forgive plotholes and unbelievable coincidences and just enjoy the ride. Visually awesome too! — Stormy Curry

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