PANDORUM? More like Pan-SNORE-um. Dennis Quaid has virtually nothing to do, and poor Ben Foster has to shoulder the weight of this turgid-looking, incomprehensible "thriller" without a thrill in it, shot almost entirely in the dark with editing so frantic (when it isn't sloppy) you never get to see much of anything. Boring? Let's just … Continue reading PANDORUM


Making corporate greed & corruption funny seems like a daunting task, but THE INFORMANT! pulls it off. Matt Damon is great as the dishonest VP who decides to Rat on his company. But you eventually realize his scheming has an element of tragedy to it. Even through his fall, the film keeps you laughing. Hamlisch's … Continue reading THE INFORMANT!


Was it DUPLICITY on the part of Universal's marketing people that kept this clever caper from gaining a wider audience? Julia Roberts (nicely brittle and in certain shots quite unglamorous) and Clive Owen bang heads and bodies well. But it's Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson who have you shuttling back to watch their all-too-few but … Continue reading DUPLICITY


As thrilling as QUARANTINE was, the Spanish version that preceded it called [*REC] is equally brilliant. Can't think of any other example where an almost shot-for-shot remake (and by a different director, to boot) matches the original in excitement and stands on its own even though it's a mirror image. It's so visually perfect, you … Continue reading [REC]


ADVENTURELAND is a movie you've seen before, but it goes in an unexpected direction: straight toward maturity, with a gracious screenplay that allows even the 'bad guys' three full dimensions. Jesse Eisenberg channels Michael Cera, then adds his own brand of brainy puppydog. Kristen Stewart is now in the dawn, not the Twilight, of her … Continue reading ADVENTURELAND