PANDORUM? More like Pan-SNORE-um. Dennis Quaid has virtually nothing to do, and poor Ben Foster has to shoulder the weight of this turgid-looking, incomprehensible “thriller” without a thrill in it, shot almost entirely in the dark with editing so frantic (when it isn't sloppy) you never get to see much of anything. Boring? Let's just say in space, no one can hear you squirm.– Jeff Schultz
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The Wayans managed to offend me with their latest movie…because it's NOT FUNNY! Dance Flick runs out of moves in the first five minutes. I laughed at their Previous comedies…this one made me wish for the simple fun of Little Man. That was stupid but not insulting. This Dance comes up lame. — Stormy Curry
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Making corporate greed & corruption funny seems like a daunting task, but THE INFORMANT! pulls it off. Matt Damon is great as the dishonest VP who decides to Rat on his company. But you eventually realize his scheming has an element of tragedy to it. Even through his fall, the film keeps you laughing. Hamlisch's score adds to the tone. A wonderful fun movie. — Alan Yudman
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Was it DUPLICITY on the part of Universal's marketing people that kept this clever caper from gaining a wider audience? Julia Roberts (nicely brittle and in certain shots quite unglamorous) and Clive Owen bang heads and bodies well. But it's Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson who have you shuttling back to watch their all-too-few but juicy scenes again. — Jeff Schultz
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The Ugly Truth is a big fat lie. When on screen chemistry works it feels good like The Proposal. When it doesn't, you get this mess of a movie. What could have been a fun, raunchy battle of the sexes becomes a limp, toothless bore. My requirements for a movie like this are simple: be fun and make me laugh. By the end I wanted these two together…buried in a shallow grave. Best unintentional laugh: her “why do you love me?” Him:”beats the shit out of me but I do”. So romantic! — Stormy Curry
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The force is strong in FANBOYS. If you lived and breathed Star Wars as a kid, this comedy is for you. If you thought George Lucas was a genius up until Phantom Menace, this comedy's for you. If seeing the guy who played Darth Maul play a security guard at Skywalker Ranch makes you laugh, this comedy's for you. If no Of these things sound remotely funny…this comedy's not for you. I'm a Star Wars geek and a scruffy nerf herder…I loved it. — Stormy Curry

Any movie with Christopher Marquette is worth seeing, and he delivers as first among equals of a likeable foursome in FANBOYS, which works best when it concentrates on the specific fan obsessions with Star Wars (and loathing of Star Trek). But its road trip/coming of age aspects are the same old. And the addition of a tragic note is baffling. — Jeff Schultz

True Star Wars fans will love it because the will see themselves in FANBOYS. Hysterically funny with priceless cameos. This movie is simply fun. — Alan Yudman


As thrilling as QUARANTINE was, the Spanish version that preceded it called [*REC] is equally brilliant. Can't think of any other example where an almost shot-for-shot remake (and by a different director, to boot) matches the original in excitement and stands on its own even though it's a mirror image. It's so visually perfect, you could watch it without subtitles and still understand the horror. — Jeff Schultz
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There's a show on AMC that centers around a man trying to hide a secret while providing for his family. He has to pretend to be someone he is not and is trapped in the world he has created. He doesn't trust the people he works with and won't confide in his wife. No not Mad Men, Breaking Bad. A hell of a show that has sucked me into it's seedy, dreary world. Blew through the 7 episode season 1…cannot wait to start season 2! And Bryan Cranston makes you forget he was ever Malcolm's dad. — Stormy Curry
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ADVENTURELAND is a movie you’ve seen before, but it goes in an unexpected direction: straight toward maturity, with a gracious screenplay that allows even the ‘bad guys’ three full dimensions. Jesse Eisenberg channels Michael Cera, then adds his own brand of brainy puppydog. Kristen Stewart is now in the dawn, not the Twilight, of her career. And in a few short scenes Ryan Reynolds proves once again he’s the most underrated actor in American movies. — Jeff Schultz

If you're expecting a screwball or gross out teen comedy then you'll be disappointed by ADVENTURELAND. If you want a smart, funny, heartwarming comedy that would make John Hughes proud then this is the movie for you. A breakout role for Jesse Eisenberg. A killer soundtrack. This is a small, wonderful film. — Alan Yudman

Adventureland seemed more like Snoozeville. There was a good movie in there somewhere but too many soapy CW romantic moments and overlong ads for the soundtrack I mean montages slowed down what could have been a companion piece to Superbad. And someone please tell Kristen Stewart there’s more to acting than running your fingers through her hair!? — Stormy Curry