ADVENTURELAND is a movie you’ve seen before, but it goes in an unexpected direction: straight toward maturity, with a gracious screenplay that allows even the ‘bad guys’ three full dimensions. Jesse Eisenberg channels Michael Cera, then adds his own brand of brainy puppydog. Kristen Stewart is now in the dawn, not the Twilight, of her career. And in a few short scenes Ryan Reynolds proves once again he’s the most underrated actor in American movies. — Jeff Schultz

If you're expecting a screwball or gross out teen comedy then you'll be disappointed by ADVENTURELAND. If you want a smart, funny, heartwarming comedy that would make John Hughes proud then this is the movie for you. A breakout role for Jesse Eisenberg. A killer soundtrack. This is a small, wonderful film. — Alan Yudman

Adventureland seemed more like Snoozeville. There was a good movie in there somewhere but too many soapy CW romantic moments and overlong ads for the soundtrack I mean montages slowed down what could have been a companion piece to Superbad. And someone please tell Kristen Stewart there’s more to acting than running your fingers through her hair!? — Stormy Curry

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