The force is strong in FANBOYS. If you lived and breathed Star Wars as a kid, this comedy is for you. If you thought George Lucas was a genius up until Phantom Menace, this comedy's for you. If seeing the guy who played Darth Maul play a security guard at Skywalker Ranch makes you laugh, this comedy's for you. If no Of these things sound remotely funny…this comedy's not for you. I'm a Star Wars geek and a scruffy nerf herder…I loved it. — Stormy Curry

Any movie with Christopher Marquette is worth seeing, and he delivers as first among equals of a likeable foursome in FANBOYS, which works best when it concentrates on the specific fan obsessions with Star Wars (and loathing of Star Trek). But its road trip/coming of age aspects are the same old. And the addition of a tragic note is baffling. — Jeff Schultz

True Star Wars fans will love it because the will see themselves in FANBOYS. Hysterically funny with priceless cameos. This movie is simply fun. — Alan Yudman

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