Delightful but aimless, ZOMBIELAND's main attractions are not its zombies or even its goofy gore. It's the performances by 3 of the 4 leads: Woody in a role that fits him like skin, Jesse who's never been funnier (he's the Jewish Michael Cera, and dare I say a better actor) and a breakout turn by Emma Stone doing tough-but-vulnerable. It runs out of steam at the end, but is so good-natured that's ok. And when you think of it, it plays perfectly as a sequel to Night of the Comet. — Jeff Schultz

Gory fun and blissfully short, ZOMBIELAND is mostly a kick. Woody Harelson was born to play this role. Jesse Eisenberg plays neurotic like no one since Woody Allen. But the movie isn’t quite gross enough. After a great cameo, it slows to a crawl before ending with several bangs. But a visit to Zombieland is worth it. — Alan Yudman

Woody’s goofy zombie killer and Jesse’s deadpan delivery make Zombieland a destination worth checking out. While not up to Shaun of the Dead standards, ZL takes a clever simple premise and runs full speed with it. Thanks to THE best cameo of the year and the fitting finale of zombies at a funpark, you have to be dead to not get a kick out of this flick. — Stormy Curry


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I liked GI JOE! Don’t get me wrong…acting is so-so, effects are hit or miss, and story is as simple as it comes. And I think that’s why I enjoyed it. Unlike Transformers, this one doesn’t go for the kiddies, it stays consistent in tone, and doesn’t over complicate a story based on toys. Simply a fun ride that is the definition of a summer movie. — Stormy Curry


Mad Men wraps up a brilliant season 3 with everything that makes the show great: snappy dialogue, excellent acting, and realistic narrative twists. After a sophomore slump, the series is back to season 1 standards. Firing on all cylinders, unlike last year, now I can't wait for next season! — Stormy Curry
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The final three episodes of MAD MEN SEASON 3 are quite simply as good as it gets. You could write entire essays on the understated yet passionate acting, the crackling dialog, the historical context, the noir photography, the sound editing (listen to it on headphones!) — even the spare but perfectly placed score. This is total immersion drama: you KNOW these people. I cannot wait until Season 4! — Jeff Schultz


What's inside Cameron Diaz's BOX? For three-quarters of the movie, an engrossing ethical dilemma disguised as a thriller, whose intriguing story keeps you absorbed. Then it turns into something that resembles The Day The Earth Stood Still with rambling, complicated digressions that tumble toward a highly unpleasant conclusion. Joker-mouthed Diaz is only slightly less grating than usual. Marsden is better but seems too young for her. And Frank Langella is around to pick up a digitally-enhanced paycheck. — Jeff Schultz
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THE MAID cleans up, in a movie that asks: when does a beloved family servant wear out her welcome with rude, even insubordinate behavior? The maid, Raquel (Catalina Saavedra in a devouring performance) is neither mistreated nor underpaid. Her anger seems to stem from her existential position as “the help” — making this an almost political film, but one in which the director makes his points by showing, not telling. — Jeff Schultz
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