Mad Men wraps up a brilliant season 3 with everything that makes the show great: snappy dialogue, excellent acting, and realistic narrative twists. After a sophomore slump, the series is back to season 1 standards. Firing on all cylinders, unlike last year, now I can't wait for next season! -- Stormy Curry Sent from my … Continue reading MAD MEN SEASON 3


What's inside Cameron Diaz's BOX? For three-quarters of the movie, an engrossing ethical dilemma disguised as a thriller, whose intriguing story keeps you absorbed. Then it turns into something that resembles The Day The Earth Stood Still with rambling, complicated digressions that tumble toward a highly unpleasant conclusion. Joker-mouthed Diaz is only slightly less grating … Continue reading THE BOX


THE MAID cleans up, in a movie that asks: when does a beloved family servant wear out her welcome with rude, even insubordinate behavior? The maid, Raquel (Catalina Saavedra in a devouring performance) is neither mistreated nor underpaid. Her anger seems to stem from her existential position as "the help" -- making this an almost … Continue reading THE MAID