Call me crazy — other critics will — but I thought 2012 was a blast. Roland Emmerich is working from the standard disaster movie playbook, but the effects are exponentially better than, say, War of the Worlds — and lots more fun. Only in the last half hour does it lag, but the resolution is satisfying and there are even some nice performances from Zlatko Buric and Beatrice Rosen (as “the Russians”) and a game John Cusack. An enjoyable surprise. — Jeff Schultz

No one can show us the end of the world quite like Roland Emmerich. 2012 is a great ride, with stunning visuals and great effects. The script is elevated by a fine cast, but Emmerich can’t avoid his own cliches. the kids who don’t listen when told to say put. The wild-eyed (and haired) crazy dude. But in the end, he makes it all work and the 2:38 minutes flies by in an orgy of destruction. 2012, put simply, is fun. — Alan Yudman

2012 should get the Oscar for FX and a Razzie for everything else. The last third falls victim to a heap of awful cliches that take you out of what had been a fun ride. Family gets back together? Check. Dog is saved? Yup. From no brainer to brain dead…but still visually awesome! Stormy Curry

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