INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is GLOURIOUS, and anyone who disagrees is a BASTERD. Tarantino is so drunk on pure love of movies, he gets us intoxicated as well. But its the performances he gets from his actors that takes your breath away; every role, major and minor, is perfectly cast. It takes its time, but you never lose interest. As good or better than anything QT has ever done, and that is very good indeed! — Jeff Schultz

To paraphrase Lt. Aldo Raine, Quentin Tarantino is in da movie makin’ bidness, and his bidness is a-boomin’! INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is just fantastic. It’s more Than 2 1/2 hours, but it flies by. The story is perfect, the dialogue classic Tarantino. The cinematography perfect. It’s a revenge/guys on a mission movie on Crystal meth. But the high here is for the audience. Christoph Waltz deserves every award he will most surely receive. Could be considered Tarantino’s best! — Alan Yudman

Tarantino is back from the DEATH PROOF with a vengeance with these Glourious Basterds! A movie that takes time setting up amazing payoffs and a cast that is more than ready to have a blast. This should have been the second half of Grindhouse! — Stormy Curry

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