Despite my Pats losing to the Ravens, I was charmed by The Blind Side. An inspirational story that wins you over with its positive tone and fine performances. Despite some obvious stand up and cheer moments
and cliches, SIDE is a cut ABOVE the rest of those feel good flicks. A winner. –Stormy Curry

I expected to like the story of Michael Oher, but this movie hit me on THE BLIND SIDE. I absolutely loved it! The story is too unbelievable to be true, yet it is. Sandra Bullock has never been better. It’s the
performance of her career. It gets a little sentimental, a little “gooey” at times, but it doesn’t take away from the overwhelming quality at it’s heart. Don’t miss this gem. — Alan Yudman


APPALOOSA's themes are familiar to fans of Westerns. A lawman almost
loses it all for the love of a woman with a shady past. This version
is better than average, but not by much. Viggo Mortensen's performance
as Ed Harris' deputy saves this from being forgettable. The
cinematography is also better than most. Too bad the screenplay's
words don't match the quality of the visuals. — Alan Yudman


The Road Warrior meets Unforgiven on The Road to The 700 Club. A post-Apocalypse Western with a schmear of religiosity, THE BOOK OF ELI is made watchable by a strong, understated Denzel, and (thankfully) Gary Oldman doing one of his patented baroque creeps. We've seen this movie many times before — and though the production design is good, the color-drained sepia look is tired. My advice: wait for this Book to come out in paperback. — Jeff Schultz


Sometimes less is more. Exhibit A: Carriers. This small thriller stars a pre Kirk Chris Pine and a few other familiar faces. A killer virus has wiped out most of the country. Two brothers and their girlfriends are trying to dive cross country to their home. This played out premise is taken to a whole new level of experience. To explain would take away from the suspense thanks to fine writing, great acting, and situations that are scary because they’re so simple and realistic. Not a masterpiece. Just a good dramatic thriller. Catch CARRIERS. — Stormy Curry


Call it a summing up: everything we love about Michael Cera — the
smarts, the charm, the comic irony, the yearning — is distilled
into his ultimate performance in YOUTH IN REVOLT, the role that
should now free him to move on. With a constellation of talent
surrounding him (and despite a somewhat fuzzy message) Michael gives
a familiar story one more yank of the pud and comes out a winner. — Jeff Schultz


Jeff Bridges turns in the performance of his career as washed up
country music legend Bad Blake in the excellent CRAZY HEART. Bridges
does more with a look and a sigh than some actors could do with pages
of dialogue. Wonderful original songs penned by T. Bone Burnett and
expertly sung by Bridges & Colin Farrell complete the mood. It's The
Wrestler with a more uplifting message (and sometimes that's not a bad
thing!) — Alan Yudman