When silent audiences watched A Trip to the Moon, when The Wizard of Oz turns into Technicolor, when the Star Wars spacecraft hits warp speed — that level of audience wonderment is matched and exceeded in AVATAR — the next phase in moviemaking. It is no criticism to say the story is a familiar one; rather, it allows us to luxuriate in what may be the most sensuous experience ever put on screen. James Horner's tired Titanic retread is the only (literally) wrong note. Oh, and Sigourney Weaver's lousy. But Giovanni Ribisi and Michelle Rodriguez are very good, indeed. Jeff Schultz
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AVATAR does everything a movie is supposed to and more! It brings a sense of awe and wonder to the movies once again, and uses technology to enhance your experience. The story is a bit familiar and a little preachy, but none of that diminishes how awesome this is. See it in 3D and IMAX for the full impact. — Alan Yudman

Avatar the experience is incredible. Avatar the movie is good. A gamechanger that is incredible to watch, Cameron creates a beautiful wonderous world…and blows it up REAL GOOD! Special credit to Stephen Lang who plays the Big Bad as George W. in a wifebeater. A story that is nothing original but thankfully lacks crystal skulls and Jar Jar types for the kiddies. I can’t wait for the movie Cameron makes with this technology years from now. Terminator 5 anyone? — Stormy Curry

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