Any list of directors with distinct personalities that leap off the screen would have to include the FANTASTIC MR. Wes Anderson, whose latest movie about a resourceful FOX who balances his civilized and wild animal tendencies (sometimes uneasily) reunites talent from his previous movies, adds a couple of A-listers, and comes up with something wholly unique: a children's story for adults. Only after it's over do you realize you've seen something extraordinary, warmer than you first thought and immensely life-affirming. — Jeff Schultz

MR. FOX truly is FANTASTIC. Clooney and company seem to have a blast
with this grown up kids flick and the old school stop motion animation
is a welcome change from the current 3D computer animation. Points for
also taking a childrens book and turning it into one of the wittiest
films of the year. A real winner! — Stormy Curry

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