Despite sinking in theaters PIRATE RADIO is a real treasure. It has
one of the best soundtracks ever and a cast that is just as winning.
Cynics will be won over by the film's breezy charm and witty writing.
The last act gets a bit typical but by this point you are completely
on board. SEA this one and just enjoy! — Stormy Curry

Someone should have torpedoed PIRATE RADIO when they read this mess.
OK, that mat be a bit harsh, but couldn't resist. The movie seems more
like a episodes of a sitcom strung together than a coherent story. It
does make great use of the period music in pairing the appropriate
scene & song. But then kills that by using Let's Dance for the
credits. Not bad, but it wastes some great actors. A rental. —
Alan Yudman

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