Disney has a long history of trashing literary classics. But to take Lewis Carroll's proper English fantasy and (literally) mutilate it into a bloodletting,dragon slaying, sword-and-sorcery action picture is a gratuitous act of vandalism, a corporate spit in the face. Sure, there is fun stuff along the way –Helena Bonham-Carter, the Cheshire cat, Tweedledum and -dee. Still, what Alice falls down at the beginning of the film turns
out to be a rabbit ASShole. — Jeff Schultz


  1. Yes, all the eye stabbing really put me over the edge. This is the last movie I'd take a kid to see. Maybe I was naive to hope for something lighthearted from that crowd… but its looniness was more akin to a republican tea party than a lewis carroll one. On the bright side… the fat boys. Loved them.


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