The original Swedish title of this grim murder mystery is Men Who Hate Women. They weren't kidding! Rape, savage beatings, strangulations, asphyxiations, and videotaped perversion -- not to mention anti- Semitic Nazi serial killings... THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO is well-done, if long and bleak, with a large cast of characters who may leave … Continue reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO


I don't know how much Disney paid these sea creatures for their cooperation, but the performances! Scene after scene of jaw-dropping, how'd-they-do-that camerawork, with the animals patiently waiting for their close-up or tracking shot or cue to do something dazzling. It's shamelessly anthropomorphic, but the eco-threat message is lightly handled and there's mercifully little predator-gobbles-prey … Continue reading OCEANS


Forgettable fun with acting that doesn't quite rise to the outsize requirements. Save one performance: where the heck has Jason Patrick been all these years? His "Mr. Big"-style villain crackles with malice, so it's good he'll be around for THE LOSERS 2 (?). That said, an unrecognizable Chris Evans is likable and Jeffrey Dean Morgan … Continue reading THE LOSERS


James Marsden and Martin Lawrence are the only sparks of life in this flatliner. Intriguing as it may have sounded, Neil LaBute was the wrong choice to direct given his inability to get good performances out of a killer cast. The comic timing is all wrong, punchlines are misdelivered, and it even gets sappy although … Continue reading DEATH AT A FUNERAL


It's Avatar under the Wild Palms, although nowhere near as clever as the latter and of course not as ravishing as the former. The premise of SURROGATES is enough to keep you entertained yet at the same time wishing it didn't seem patched together from so many other creepy- world-of-the-future movies. Willis does what's necessary, … Continue reading SURROGATES