Empty calories were never so tasty. The perfect DATE NIGHT movie is
also a rather wonderful (in spots) screwball comedy thanks to the
alchemy of Fey and Carrell. If ever two actors were made for each
other, it's these two. A host of side stars, especially James Franco,
is just icing on Steve and Tina's buns. The movie is this side of tame
and this side of pat, but you can't get enough of The Fosters. — Jeff


Anyone with fond memories of 80's buddy cop flicks (Armed &
Dangerous, Beverly Hills Cop) will enjoy COP OUT. It follows the
formula right down to Harold Faltermayer's score. Willis and Morgan
seem to have a blast and Sean William Scott steals the movie. Not a
critic movie, this ones for anyone who ever hummed “Axel F” while
quoting clever one liners from Fletch to anyone who would listen. Just
fun. — Stormy Curry


SYNECDOCHE, NY is one of the most confusing, self-indulgent pieces of
garbage I've ever seen. I think Charlie Kaufman may be the only one
who understands what's going on here (and only because he wrote it).
The actors even look confused. I couldn't make it through the whole
thing. It made my head hurt. Maybe all was explained at the end. But
judging by the rest of this mess, I doubt it. — Alan Yudman