3rd in Michael Sheen's trilogy on Tony Blair (although the ending
certainly sets us up for at least one more), the title refers to THE
SPECIAL diplomatic RELATIONSHIP that exists between the U.K. and the
U.S….But it also highlights the movie's sub-plot: what went on
between Bill and Hillary during the Lewinsky scandal. And here is
where TSR shines. Dennis Quaid finds his way into Clinton's spirit,
but Hope Davis nails the physical Mrs. C. as well. Her transformation
into the First Lady is just uncanny, thrilling to watch. — Jeff


Iron Man 2 scores the silver this time instead of the gold. An
entertaining ride that gets a bit bogged down in too many new
characters, this time out there wasn't enough of the suit! As far as
sequels go its still better than most. But this Iron Man felt like it
was built from spare parts from the original. Still a fun ride though.
— Stormy Curry


This DATE doesn't have much depth but it was a fun way to spend the
NIGHT. Fey and Carell made a flimsy plot and lame story a lot more
entertaining than it should have been. And who knew a shirtless Mark
Wahlberg would generate the biggest laughs? The one liners are fast
and numerous, some work some don't…but
the ones that work are priceless. A good DATE.– Stormy Curry


Despite running a bit too long, SHUTTER ISLAND was much more coherent
than LOST…and much more satisfying. Leo does a fantastic job playing
the cop trying to solve a mystery which may not have an answer. Marty
does what Marty does behind the camera, and Kingsley is excellent as
the man behind the curtain. And the last line and its implications
stays with you long after the movie is over. Well done. — Stormy Curry


There were only 3 people in the theatre, meaning roughly 347 others
missed the almost literally painful experience of sitting through a
bigger bomb than anything MacGRUBER ever tried to defuse — from its
they-didn't-even-try situations to its disturbing undercurrent of
homosexual panic to its can't-watch-can't-look-away twisted sex and
shit obsession. I felt sorry for Val Kilmer, but I've never been as
embarrassed for an actor as I was for poor Ryan Phillippe. — Jeff


IRON MAN 2 could have felt like a rusted bucket of parts that don't
fit together anymore. Far from it! It just as thrilling and
wonderful a ride as the first movie. Some might say there's not much
new going on here. They'd be right. But it's so well executed &
follows the tone of the original so accurately that none of that
matters. It feels like a natural follow-up to No. 1. The effects &
set pieces are just as good also. Rockwell & Routke fill the villain
suits well. All the side players have enough to do to keep you
interested, but not steal the spotlight from Downey, who is at his
irrascible best. And stay 'till the very end for teaser for another
Marvel movie! — Alan Yudman


44 Inch Chest measures up in some ways and falls short in others. It
unfolds like a play and crackles with great acting and delicious
dialogue. Its only in the final act that it becomes a bit more of a
head scratcher. I watched this a few days ago and still haven't
decided what I think. On one level it was great, on another it was
“eh”. To say more would reveal too much. The fact I'm still thinking
about it says something I guess. — Stormy Curry


It's refreshing to see Disney go back to old school animation but I
kinds wish they'd given us a fresher story instead of the Princess and
the Frog. It's a charming, cute, and sometimes touching movie but many
of the songs feel uninspired and too many slow moments. The N'Orleans
setting is fantastic and the last part is quite good. But when it
comes to timeless classics Disney creates, I'm afraid this FROG won't
have the legs. Go ahead and give it a kiss…just don't expect a
prince. — Stormy Curry