3rd in Michael Sheen's trilogy on Tony Blair (although the ending certainly sets us up for at least one more), the title refers to THE SPECIAL diplomatic RELATIONSHIP that exists between the U.K. and the U.S....But it also highlights the movie's sub-plot: what went on between Bill and Hillary during the Lewinsky scandal. And here … Continue reading THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP


There were only 3 people in the theatre, meaning roughly 347 others missed the almost literally painful experience of sitting through a bigger bomb than anything MacGRUBER ever tried to defuse -- from its they-didn't-even-try situations to its disturbing undercurrent of homosexual panic to its can't-watch-can't-look-away twisted sex and shit obsession. I felt sorry for … Continue reading MACGRUBER


It's refreshing to see Disney go back to old school animation but I kinds wish they'd given us a fresher story instead of the Princess and the Frog. It's a charming, cute, and sometimes touching movie but many of the songs feel uninspired and too many slow moments. The N'Orleans setting is fantastic and the … Continue reading THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG