The Critexts trio grieves collectively for our colleagues tossed away in the current upheaval. That's why I was so affected by this heartbreaking, emotionally intense story of how getting laid off blows one Japanese family to near ruin. In their non-showy way, the four leads of TOKYO SONATA — Dad, Mom, and two sons — have a power that makes you care for them so deeply: I actually had trouble describing this movie to someone without choking up. Filmed almost entirely in long shot with one gorgeous set-up after another, we feel as if we're peering in on something crushingly personal. And it ends on literal notes of redemption — a flourish as cathartic as it is thrilling. — Jeff Schultz


If Tom Cruise plays one role really well, it's the action hero. And he's at his grinning, heroic best in KNIGHT AND DAY. The action hops all over the globe without much time for the audience to catch a breath. The plot is a little thin with the classic Maguffin everyone is searching for. The villains aren't especially villainous. Sarsgaard & Davis add weight to their roles. But the action & acting make this worth the price of a ticket. — Alan Yudman


Can Pixar make a bad movie? Not yet, and the final TOY STORY is proof this may be the best studio in Hollywood. Tight script, deep characters and not a note missed in the whole movie. Yeah, it gets kind of weepy at the end but it's real emotion, not melodrama. Why does it take an animation studio to make a true classic? Who cares, here's hoping Pixar keeps doing it. — Alan Yudman


TREME is tremendous. A fantastic look inside New Orleans after Katrina. But the perspective is people, not politics. It puts a human face on the problems the city faced. It's also a wonderful insight into the culture of a great American city, including dozens of cameos by musicians who call New Orleans home. Look for it on demand or in repeats, & set your TiVo for season 2. — Alan Yudman


In the age of HMO coverage and a jacked up healthcare system, REPO MEN
doesn't seem entirely far fetched. Despite a few eye rolling moments
and the dreaded “love interest”, Men delivers. Its a dark satire with
some impressive action sequences and a fitting finale that stays true
to the rest of the story. Comes off as a less cerebral Children of
Men…but still enjoyable. — Stormy Curry


The “A” in THE A-TEAM doesn't stand for apathy. Nor does it stand for
awesome. It should stand for average or “aaaaaaayyyyyyy!”. All the
necessary explosions and outrageous Hannibal Smith plans are there.
But it's missing some of the glint in its eye, the knowing wink that
the says “we know this is outrageous, but it's fun”. That's not to say
it's not good. It is. It's an above average action movie & the set
pieces are really over the top. But if you're hoping for the same
attitude as the TV series, you may be disappointed. — Alan Yudman