What starts off as kinda suck ass eventually becomes KICK ASS. But its
“Big Daddy” and “Hit Girl” that really pack a punch. One of the
strangest movies I have ever seen yet very entertaining. Forget the
lame comedy part its the stylish action scenes and killer acting by
that dynamic duo mentioned earlier that make this one worth checking
out! — Stormy Curry


Having a spectacularly successful director as a close relative would
be something to brag about. But what if the director made the most
notorious Jew-hatred movie of all time — for the Nazis? In this
documentary, three generations of remarkably articulate offspring talk
about Veit HARLAN: they are the ones IN THE SHADOW OF 'JEW SUSS',
Harlan's anti-Semitic picture. An engrossing meditation on guilt and
responsibility. — Jeff Schultz


Network TV dramas are dead. The latest evidence comes in the form of
the season finale of JUSTIFIED. A show with tight writing, amazing
acting, and confidence in telling a story. Where networks spoon feed
viewers everything or drag out plots for seasons, this show has the
guts to take characters in unexpected
directions and wrap up key plot lines. Add this to a list that
includes Breaking Bad, Damages, Mad Men, and Dexter. RIP NBC, CBS,
ETC… — Stormy Curry


I didn't really LOVE you Phillip Morris, but I liked you as a friend.
This flick suffers from an identity crisis: the first half is a
bizarre unfunny comedy. The last half an amusing, entertaining comedy
drama. It takes too long to understand where they are going with the
story but once they get there its not bad. Carrey and McGregor are
good but its tough to not forget its STARS on screen instead of
characters. After seeing it though its easy to see why the film is
still sitting on the shelf instead of in theaters. — Stormy Curry


Any praise heaped on this FX drama is certainly JUSTIFIED. Timothy
Olyphant as Marshall Raylan Givens brings old west grit to a modern
lawman. Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder is his perfect foil. But it's
more than just good vs bad. It delves deeper into family dynamics and
our own demons. Clever writing and a great season-long arc made the
first season worth anyone's time & TiVO space. Anxiously awaiting
season 2.

Alan Yudman


The third in Michael Sheen's “Tony Blair Trilogy” is a great insight
into THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP between the U.S. & Great Britain.
Eventually Blair learns how special it isn't thanks to the
manipulative Bill Clinton who is captured perfectly by Dennis Quaid.
Hope Davis channels Hillary so accurately it's scarry. But this is
Sheen's movie as he once again shows us how good he is and the
integrity of Blair until he became W's lapdog. That knowlegde makes
this sort of tragic. Imagine what would have happened if he stood up
to Bush? But that's for installment number 4. — Alan Yudman


If the Directors/Producers of VALKYRIE had run Germany during WW2, the
Allies would have won in about a month. The movie is quite a mess.
Even good performances by Bill Nighy & Tom Wilkinson can't save it.
Tom Cruise just doesn't sell as a wounded war hero. The whole thing is
overwrought. More melodrama than drama. And what is withe the accents?
British, American, Geman. I had no idea Nazi Germany was such a
melting pot. If you want a good movie about this plot see Night of
the Generals. At least O'Toole did a German accent! — Alan Yudman


It takes way too long to GET HIM TO THE GREEK, and therein lies the
problem. The movie gets so bogged down from the halfway point with
things like a prolonged unfunny fight scene and relationship crises,
the whole idea of a deadline is lost, killing both momentum and
suspense. The concert itself is kiss ed off, succeded by a hackneyed
and unsatisfactory ending. But no comedy with Russell Brand (Steve
Coogan's brother-in-brilliance) and/or Jonah better-in-every-picture
Hill is without laughs, and both shine here. — Jeff Schultz