Adam Sandler's movies will never be liked by critics. They are what they are. Will you like Grown Ups? Does Sandler make you laugh? If you said no, don't bother. If you said yes, you will enjoy it. With this cast it should have been funnier but I was still laughing. Biggest gripe? The movies takes itself a bit too seriously near the end. But who cares? I regressed and enjoyed Grown Ups. — Stormy Curry


Ads tout the fact that Robert Rodriguez wrote the script for Predators. After seeing it, he probably should not be proud of that fact. The first half is pretty much a retelling of the first one. The middle has some cool fights but nothing we haven't seen before. The ending? You tell me. There isn't one. The film doesn't so much end as stop. It felt like they ran out of money or just gave up. What could have been an awesome series reboot ends up putting the final nail in the coffin of a franchise that used to be fresh, fun, and exciting. And I reiterate once again: Mr. Brody…fire your agent! — Stormy Curry


For three seasons, Don Draper has wrestled with an identity crisis. In the smashing ending to the first episode of Season Four, Don seems to once and for all embrace the fiction he's created — and his return to self-confidence, arrogance even, is what we want to see more of. Peggy, too, is growing a pair. And with just two words (“It'll pass.”) I fell in love with Christina Hendricks all over again. Still mad for MAD MEN. — Jeff Schultz


Based on the title, I thought this would be about television executives. But these PREDATORS are monster hunters who look like only slightly evolved Creatures from the Black Lagoon. Midway or so through, Laurence Fishburne shows up for about ten minutes — and his wacky performance steals the show. But then it's back to explosions, battles, and iridescent green blood. A decent enough Saturday matinee. — Jeff Schultz


As I correctly guessed in advance the “surprise” ending, I prayed that SALT's writer would instead find something better than the trite twist he used. But some prayers go unanswered. Plus, the threat of global thermonuclear war between the U.S. and Russia is a pretty moldy concept in 2010 (and the movie takes place in present day). Much of it is nonstop chase with Perils of Pauline-style stunts, car chases and explosions. And Salt could have been played by any capable actress in good shape. Put it this way: the trailers were more memorable. — Jeff Schultz


A movie is a dream. A fantasy created in the mind of the writer & director. What if someone planted that spark of an idea in your mind? That's the idea behind Christopher Nolan's excellent INCEPTION. With elements of Noir, Hitchcock, Bond-style action and caper-movie, Nolan has come up with a truly unique story that only he could make supremely entertaining. And only Nolan has the imagination to make it so visually stunning you can't pull your eyes away from the screen. The cast is outstanding with special nods to DiCaprio, Page & Cotillard. Zimmer's score adds to the tension. And for my money, it has one of the most memorable closing shots in movie history. So, in a summer of lousy sequels(Toy Story the exception) and cartoons, go for some entertainment for adults and dream a little dream with Christopher Nolan. — Alan Yudman

INCEPTION put me to sleep. The movie I looked forward to more than any other in years turns out to be a nearly impossible to follow, fuzzy, life-is-but-a-dream story disguising your standard tire-squealing, car-chasing, blow-it-all-up summer blockbuster. Was there ever a talkier megabucks CGIvaganza? Endless exchanges of psychobabble try to explain, but it’s lecture not rapture — especially since when the action finally comes, only 2 or 3 shots, maybe a sequence or two, can truly be called amazing. I’m sorry, but this film is a stiff. — Jeff Schultz

Christopher Nolan is a master at taking a typical story and turning it on its head. Memento, Dark Knight, and now Inception. He takes his time establishing this world with all rules…building it then tearing it down. Part Matrix, part Ocean’s 11, with a dash of Shutter Island, bottom line: I loved it. I love it when I can’t predict where a movie will go and love the surprise when one does just that. Inception had a lot of hype to live up to and I think it met it. Movies like this are what make me excited to see movies. Typical ingredients mixed in an original way by a cook who knows what its like to eat the same thing over and over again. A tasty and creative dish served by Chef Nolan. — Stormy Curry