A superpower invades a distant undeveloped land and is continually thwarted by guerrilla fighters whose unconventional savagery flummoxes the superpower's ordinarily triumphant troops. As one soldier puts it, "This is a new kind of war, a war without honor, a war without end." No, not Afghanistan: this is 2nd century Northern England, where the Picts … Continue reading CENTURION


Top notch acting from the entire cast pulls this movie out of its genre and qualifies it as full-fledged drama. The two leads, exorcist- unbeliever Patrick Fabian (who should have transitioned from TV to movies long ago) and possessed (?) girl Ashley Bell, never wink for a moment at the material; they take it seriously … Continue reading THE LAST EXORCISM


The Sixth Sense meets Jacob's Ladder, without the clever surprise of the former or the unsettling creepiness of the latter. Is Christina Ricci really dead? Or has she been drugged by serial-killing mortician Liam Neeson to add to his sick collection of living corpses? The movie does a decent job of keeping you guessing throughout. … Continue reading AFTER.LIFE


The trailer pitches this as a madcap race-against-the-clock comedy, and it is. What's surprising is the naturalism of the inner city Section 8 setting, which rubs some grit into the laughs. Unlike the Death at a Funeral remake, which blandified its all-star black cast into a mirthless snooze, here we get standout set pieces from … Continue reading LOTTERY TICKET


The best thing in the movie is a sight gag involving Jerry O'Connell's mutilated penis. Another horrific-hysterical scene carves up a parasailing sexpot. And there's an over-the-top, hot-girl-on-girl- action underwater swimming scene that had the audience hooting. Plus, the big Spring Break mass carnage set piece is ok. But what's unforgivable about PIRANHA 3D -- … Continue reading PIRANHA 3D


Imagine if young love played out like a video game. A new beau would have to deal with a girl's ex-boyfriends s by defeating them, thus removing them from the equation of the new relationship. That is exactly whats going on in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. Edgar Wright captures the feel of a video … Continue reading SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD