I had extremely high hopes for SALT.  EXTREMELY!!!  Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor and the excellent action director Phillip Noyce.  Sounds like it couldn't miss.  I'm not sure it missed, but it didn't hit either.  It's a slight twist on the “Bourne” stories.  Jolie is outed as a Russian sleeper agent, part of a group tasked with bringing down the United States.  The execution is really good (that's because of Noyce).  The acting is first rate (especially Schreiber and Ejiofor, both are highly underrated actors).  But there is a twist that I saw coming almost as soon as Jolie's “Evelyn Salt” was outed.  And the climatic scene is plays out a little too simply.  It doesn't make you think at all, it's all spelled out for you in the dialogue.  That sounds like studio meddling to me.  While too much “SALT” is bad for you, just a dash of this better than average thriller couldn't hurt. — Alan Yudman

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