Comedies can get away with sloppiness more easily, and if this buddy
cop sendup/homage is a mess, well, I was too busy laughing through
most of it to mind. The funniest parts of THE OTHER GUYS have a Marx
Brothers absurdist zaniness that at times gets swept aside by a plot
that's way more complicated than it needed to be. the filmmakers also
see themselves as, of all things, Michael Moore-style critics of
capitalism (leading to a delightful, graphics-driven “lecture” over
the end credits). The chemistry between Farrell and Wahlberg comes and
goes, but individually they shine. Steve Coogan is brilliant as
always. But there are too many sitcom-caliber gags. And Eva Mendes,
although gorgeous and sexy, seems lost. Where's Sofia Vergara when you
need her? — Jeff Schultz

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