Does anything seem longer than a bad trailer for a big movie you have
to sit through over and over again, because it plays before every
current film? Maybe that's the price we have to pay for that much
rarer phenomenon: the trailer you just can't get enough of. In part
because it is scored so beautifully, my latest repeat thrill is the
trailer to THE SOCIAL NETWORK, this October's based-on-a-true-story
about the creation of Facebook. Scala and Kolacny Brothers' goosebump-
inducing cover of Radiohead's “Creep” sets the tone, the familiar
“buttons” (“Add as Friend”) reveal the subject matter, and as the
music swells up right through you like a wave, we see the great Jesse
Eisenberg, as Mark Zuckerberg — and only then does the trailer start
to speak. Did David Fincher direct this? It is genius. — Jeff Schultz

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