When I told Alan this would be my next review, he said, “Seriously?”
The reason: of all the genres besides sci-fi that would work in 3D,
dancing has to be one. And that's why this movie is such a blast. At
times, you're essentially ON the dance floor, being tossed about in
rhythm during the aggressive, furiously physical hip hop routines,
including one that could be called Splashdance because it's done on a
flooded floor. Exhilarating. A group tango in black tie is crisp and
fun. The finale is Busby Berkeley gone rap. And most importantly, this
third STEP UP has the help once again of the amazing Adam Sevani —
whose Harpo Marx looks and natural charm match his rubber-legged
dancing skills. He and the also-returning Alyson Stoner do a tribute
to “Make 'Em Laugh” (and classic movie musical dancing in general)
that alone makes me want to buy the DVD. The acting is wooden, the
dialogue awful. But I enjoyed it from start to finish. — Jeff Schultz

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