The Expendables is like watching an NBA All Star game. Lots of familiar faces get in the game, nobody takes it too seriously, and everyone gets a chance to make a big play…usually getting set up by a fellow teammate. If you’re looking for anything more than a fun ride with your favorite action stars kicking butt…don’t bother. This one gets you giddy during the fight scenes and winks at the audience while delivering what we paid to see: delicious carnage. The last 40 minutes? Just awesome…with bullets flying, blades stabbing, and everything exploding. And just when you think there’s nothing left, MORE stuff blows up! Just a lot of fun. Bring on the sequel! — Stormy Curry

If Julia Roberts newest movie is “Eat, Pray, Love”, then THE EXPENDABLES could be subtitled “Shoot, Stab, Blast”! It's an orgy of carnage that will satisfy any guy. Action stars from the '80's are almost as prevalent as the dead bodies the group seems to rack-up without much care. With the exception of one “set-up” scene on a Pirate ship, the first two-thirds of the movie drag a bit as we learn back stories and give just a little bit of context to what these Mercenaries are all about. The best part of that portion of the movie is the scene with Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger. But enough with being thoughtful, time to blow some crap to smithereens! The last 40 minutes are worth whatever you paid for a ticket. The bullets fly, the body parts fall and buildings just go bye bye! And just when you think they've set off every explosion possible just wait, there's another one right around the corner. There's no social commentary here, maybe a tiny message about being brothers in war. But if you're looking for that, look elsewhere. This is just a thrill ride for any fan of any of the movies the stars made 20-30 years ago! And as Mr. Stallone put it so eloquently in the midst of all the mayhem.. “I'M OUT”! — Alan Yudman

Bad actors (Stallone, Lundgren, Li, Schwarzenegger) at their worst.
Good actors (Willis, Roberts, Rourke) trying to look interested. Car
chase cliches (through a crowded outdoor marketplace, under the El).
So many explosions it becomes laughable overkill. A tired banana
republic plotline that wouldn’t pass muster as a Mission: Impossible
tv episode. A clunky screenplay that lingers forever over scenes of no
interest, including a tattoo parlor bull session and the who-cares?
relationship between Jason Statham and his girlfriend. Not a single
fresh punch thrown or explosive detonated. Truly, this piece of
product is as expendable as it comes. — Jeff Schultz

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