The best thing in the movie is a sight gag involving Jerry O'Connell's
mutilated penis. Another horrific-hysterical scene carves up a
parasailing sexpot. And there's an over-the-top, hot-girl-on-girl-
action underwater swimming scene that had the audience hooting. Plus,
the big Spring Break mass carnage set piece is ok. But what's
unforgivable about PIRANHA 3D — is the pathetic non-use of 3D! Never
have so many opportunities for fun been squandered. (No, IGNORED.) In
terms of photography, this is the ugliest-looking movie I've seen in
memory. O'Connell's performance (he's essentially playing Joe Francis)
is a disgrace; he embarrassed me. So too Christopher Lloyd.
(“Paychecks, please.”) Too bad; this could have been a blast. — Jeff

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