Wow, these bank robbers are amazing! They're all dashingly handsome
and articulate, with a nice sense of irony; they wear exquisite
clothes with flair, drink 30 year old Scotch and smoke fine cigars;
they have the skills of a martial artist when fighting opponents, are
stock market savvy, and can find their way into any municipal
occupation or site without effort (while wearing the official
uniforms). Yet unlike the Ocean's 11-and-Counting movies, this group
ends up mostly dead — but only after a lot of solid, breakneck
action, including a spectacular foot chase through downtown Los
Angeles that rivals the French Connection pursuit. Matt Dillon comes
up short, but the others deliver — most especially T.I. (who was also
one of the six [!] executive producers) as the hinge on which it all
revolves; this guy just crackles. A solid entry in the heist-gone-
wrong category. — Jeff Schultz

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