Top notch acting from the entire cast pulls this movie out of its
genre and qualifies it as full-fledged drama. The two leads, exorcist-
unbeliever Patrick Fabian (who should have transitioned from TV to
movies long ago) and possessed (?) girl Ashley Bell, never wink for a
moment at the material; they take it seriously and thus so do we.
(Kudos as well to a smoldering newcomer named Caleb Jones playing
Ashley's brother; too bad he is essentially “disappeared” before the
big finish.) Hardly any special effects. Very sparing use of the
electronic score. No cheap scares. This is that rare horror movie that
actually pulls some of its punches. And if the ending is a bit too
familiar in the wake of Blair Witch and Cloverfield, the resolution
still satisfies. — Jeff Schultz

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